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Are you interested in sharing your passion for all things homestead with the ladies in your community? Are you looking for a community of like-minded women who share your interests? Are you tired of feeling like ‘the only weird woman’ you know? Well, congratulations! We know exactly how you feel, and we can help you build a community of women in your area so that you can: Share Knowledge. Build Community. Grow Friendships.


First, let us know you are interested in starting a Chapter by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. [NOTE: If you are already registered in our system, the form won't work. Please email chapterdevelopment@nlhg.org with your name, state, county, and phone number and tell us you'd like to start a Chapter. Thank you!] Chapter Development will send you our Pre-Application. Please fill out the Pre-Application out and return it to us.

Next, a member of our Chapter Development Team will contact you. You'll talk about who and what are needed to start a Chapter, how Chapters function, and what a Gathering looks like. You'll also discuss NLHG Chapter requirements. 

From there, you'll organize and host an Interest Meeting. This gives you an idea of how many ladies in your community would like to help you form a new Chapter of NLHG. After your Interest Meeting, you need to complete the remaining paperwork. Last, but not least, your Application will be presented to the NLHG Executive Staff and you will officially be voted into the NLHG family! Atta Girl!

Want to start a new chapter? Let us know!

Fill out the form below! We'll be in touch within five business days!

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Chapter names are based on the county and state they are started in. If you are attending an Interest Meeting for a local Chapter, or know of one forming that you intend to join, please fill in the county name here.

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We'll get back to you within five business days.

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